Dental Implants with Dr Shirin Parsno

Tooth loss is extremely common. It can happen through disease, trauma or an unfortunate accident. Dental implants have become a common solution for missing teeth. Dr Shirin Parsno is a dental implant specialist offering patients a quick and easy implant procedure. She’s worked through the most complex implant procedures and offers new patients a very…

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6 Simple Steps to Improving your Dental Hygiene

These six changes to your hygiene routine can make a measurable difference in your long-term dental health. Even though consumers can now benefit from professional treatments and procedures, lasting health and beauty benefits can only be ensured when taking daily responsibility for your personal dental hygiene. The following list outlines key tricks for a long-lasting…

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A New Year Deserves A New You – PRP

A New Year Deserves A New You Refresh and Rejuvenate your Natural Beauty through a nonsurgical procedure which does not require injecting any toxins, acid or fats into your body. PRP Injections – What is it? Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP is a completely natural procedure, which uses a composition of your own blood to…

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