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Dental Veneers

Natural Looking Results

What Are Dental Veneers?

Teeth sometimes break, they lose their large filling, or become discoloured. A veneer can improve their appearance to restore your confident smile. Nova Dental Care, located in North London offers veneer service to make your teeth appear healthy and natural. Veneers are useful in several situations, to modify the appearance of your tooth colour, shape, or position.

Situations where Dental Veneers are used:

Generally, veneers will last a long time, but they need maintenance just like natural teeth. The dentist can give you an estimate of how long to expect your veneer to last. If small chips appear in part of the veneer, they can be filled. If necessary, a whole new veneer can be remade.

Our dentists can come up with treatment plans that are personalised to your needs and are able to execute these veneer treatments to a high degree of accuracy. Furthermore the use of high end dental laboratories enables us to provide our patients with the most beautifully crafted veneer. The use of these dental laboratories is not possible on the NHS and this is what sets us apart from regular NHS dental practices.

The treatment may not be appropriate for every patient and it is conditional on the satisfactory assessment being carried out. Dentist must assess the patient, obtain appropriate consent, obtain a medical history and explain all the options before carrying out any work.

How much does the procedure cost?

To see if you are suitable for dental veneers, call us on 020 8365 2365 to book an appointment.