A New Year Deserves A New You – PRP

A New Year Deserves A New You

Refresh and Rejuvenate your Natural Beauty through a nonsurgical procedure which does not require injecting any toxins, acid or fats into your body.

PRP Injections – What is it?

Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP is a completely natural procedure, which uses a composition of your own blood to inject in areas, which patients desire to augment. Although the treatment might sound scary at first, its nicknames Vampire Facial or Dracula Therapy do not necessarily come from the blood involved, but rather the fresher and younger faced result following the procedure.

Using a patients own blood in the form of concentrated platelet rich plasma allows the nonsurgical treatment to utilise natural growth factors which contribute to fighting the signs of aging and rejuvenating the appearance of facial tissue. The mentioned growth factors or healing proteins, make the use and activation of platelets in the body special, as it releases and stimulates cell growth, collagen synthesis, skin renewal and tissue regeneration.

Interestingly, PRP is actually not a new treatment although its benefits are beginning to be increasingly used in beauty. Platelet rich plasma injections have been used for decades to heal sports related injuries of leading athletes. The ability of PRP to catalyse on the body’s natural instinct to repair tissue, muscle and bone when injected directly into injured areas has drawn sport stars such as Tiger Woods, Super Bowl winners Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu, and Baseball league PRP success stories Bartolo Colon and Takashi Saito.

How does the “Vampire facial” work?

The procedure begins with a small amount (depending on the areas being treated) of blood being drawn from a patient. The blood is then spun in a mechanical device, which separates the platelets and plasma from red blood cells, and blends it with a fibrin mixture. Processing the blood in such a manner increases the platelets levels three to four times their normal concentration, which boosts the skins rejuvenation abilities.

When PRP is injected it activates the platelets to begin repairing the tissue of selected areas, resulting in improving the appearance of wrinkles and lifting the skin. PRP or Vampire facial treatments encourage the skin to use its natural processes, through a more effective, concentrated and focused approach in places that need a bit of extra help.

The procedure does not take long, with an average time of around 20 minutes for the processing part of the treatment (while the different elements of the blood such as red and white blood cells are being separated to produce a clear platelet rich plasma), followed by a number of injections into the patients skin- which are dependant on the selected area and skin condition.

Upon meeting with Nova’s facial rejuvenation specialist, patients can receive personalised and tailored treatment information and recommendations.


PRP or the Dracula Therapy leads to a patients skin having an enhanced natural radiance and glow. The approach allows to tackle the signs of aging using the body’s own material, which makes the procedure’s results increase and develop even further over time.

In terms of most visible effects, PRP is an effective method in treating fine lines, especially around the eyes, where wrinkles are often deepest, and improving the overall texture of the skin. The procedure allows patients unwilling to use synthetic products such as Botox or fillers to improve the condition and appearance of their skin. In addition, PRP can be used to battle bad acne scarring through its ability to boost the skin’s healing processes.
Specialist suggest having a treatment per month for three months, which would show lasting benefits for up to 18 months, or using PRP in combination with another nonsurgical facial procedure in order to maximise results.

Immediate post treatment appearance of a patient might include some spotting and redness, with the skin gradually improving towards a fresher and more youthful look without the use of unnatural materials.

Celebrity Praise

Some of the world’s most popular women in fashion and entertainment including Bar Refaeli, Kim Kardashian and Anna Friel have already publicly praised the use of PRP treatments as part of their beauty secrets.