Our special offer & Private fee guide


Zoom Whitening & Home Whitening WAS £600 NOW £390.




Initial Examination/Consultation£75
Routine Examination£60
Scaling and Polish£80
Panoramic X-Ray (OPG)£45
Small X-Rays (each)£10
Orthodontic Consultation£120
Emergency Appointment£120
Composite filling starts from£130.00 - £160.00
Root Canal TherapyStarting from £750
Re- Root Canal£850
Procera/E-max Crowns£750
Lava Crowns£825
Procera Inlay£700
Gold Post£170
Metal Bonded Bridge per unit£600
Full Ceramic Bridge per unit£750



Partial Acrylic£600
Full Acrylic (Lower & upper)£600
Metal based denture (additional per arch)£600
ImplantStarting from £2500
Sinus Augmentation£900
Bone Graft in connection with implant£500
Simple Extraction£150
Surgical Extraction of impacted wisdom toothStarting from £400
Apicectomy inc bone Augmentation£450
Deep scaling with Topical antibacterial treatment per visit£155
Fluoride application£20
Fissure sealing per tooth£45
Airflow treatment£100



In Surgery Bleaching(Zoom)£400
Home Bleaching£200
Ellanse (Each Syringe)£450
Radiesse (Each Syringe)£450
Laser FrenectomyStarting from £300
Laser incision & draining of abscess£75
Laser Fibroma£120
Laser gingival incision & excision£150
Laser of canker sores, herpetic & other (oral mucosa)£50
Laser homeostasis & coagulation£75
Laser lesion removal£120
Laser Operculectomy£95
Laser gum pigmentation£500
Laser pulpotomy£75
Laser aphtous ulcers£50
Laser exposure of unerupted teeth£50
Laser whitening£200