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Our Dental Prices

Teeth Whitening Offer - Save £210

Philips Zoom In-clinic + Home Whitening Kit

£600 £390

General Dentistry

Initial Examination/Consultation£80
Routine Examination£60
Routine Examination for Children£45
Small Digital X-rays (each)£15
Panoramic X-Ray (OPG)£60
Panoramic X-Ray (OPG) - New Patient£70
Orthodontic Consultation£120
Emergency Visit£75

Cosmetic Dentistry

Composite Filling Anterior£160
Composite Filling Posterior£180 - £220
Composite Bonding (each)£400
Fiber Post£250
Procera Inlay£750
Ceramic Crown£850
Full Ceramic Bridge per unit£850
Zirconia Crowns£850
Lava Crowns£825
Procera/E-max Crowns£750

Orthodontics (Dental Braces) & Invisalign

Orthodontic Consultation£120
Invisalign from £3,000
Metal Fixed Bracesfrom £1,500
Clear Fixed Bracesfrom £2,000
Lingual Bracesfrom £4,000
Removable Retainersfrom £120
Fixed Retainers (each)£350

Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatment£800
Root Canal Molar Tooth£850
Re- Root Canal£900

Dental Implants & Surgical Treatments

Implantstarts from £2,200
Sinus Augmentation£900
Bone Graft in connection with implant£500
Simple Extraction£250
Surgical Extraction of impacted upper wisdom tooth£600
Surgical Extraction of impacted lower wisdom tooth£800
Apicectomy (including Bone Augmentation)£450
Surgical Extraction Upper Jaw£400
Surgical Extraction Lower Jaw£600 - £800

Dentures (Prosthetics)

Partial Acrylic£600
Full Acrylic (Lower & upper)£600
Metal based denture (additional per arch)£600


Scaling and Polish (adults)£90
Scaling and Polish (age 16-18)£80
Scaling and Polish (age 12-16)£60
Scaling and Polish (age below 12)£50
Non-surgical Periodontal Treatment£160/visit
Airflow treatment£110
Airflow treatment (Age 16-18)£80
Airflow treatment (Age 12-16)£60
Airflow treatment (Age 12 years)£50

Teeth Whitening

In-Chair Zoom + Home Whitening£500
Home Teeth Whitening£400
Enlighten Whitening - SPECIAL OFFER!£600
Fluoride application£20
Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment (per session)£170
Fissure sealing (per tooth)£60

Laser Treatments

Laser Frenectomy£450
Laser incision & draining of abscess£75
Laser Fibroma£250
Laser gingival incision & excision£250
Laser of canker sores, herpetic & other (oral mucosa)£50
Laser homeostasis & coagulation£75
Laser lesion removal£250
Laser Operculectomy£250
Laser gum pigmentation£500
Laser pulpotomy£75
Laser aphtous ulcers£50
Laser exposure of unerupted teeth£50

Facial Aesthetics

Radiesse each syringe£475
Lip Fillers£350
Anti-wrinkle injections£275
PRP + Mesotherapy for Face/HairFrom £350
Mesotherapy Face£350
Fat Dissolving Chin£250
Fat Dissolving Body£250 - £750
Vitamin Drip£300
Vitamin B12 injection£50